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  At Sigmovir Biosystems, Inc.
  we believe that using the right
  model of human infectious 
  diseases advances science and 
  creates a fast track to discovery
  of a cure.

Sigmovir Biosystems, Inc. (SBI) is a Maryland-based biotechnology company specializing in the cotton rat model of human infectious diseases. Species of the cotton rat (genus Sigmodon) have been shown to be permissive for a wide array of human viral, bacterial, and parasitic pathogens. For the majority of these infectious agents, the cotton rat represents a more reliable model of human disease than the common murine strains and other small animal models. RSV, hPIV, Influenza, and HSV are among the best examples in this group. The validity of the model is best illustrated by the fact that prophylactic antibody treatment against severe RSV disease in infants advanced to clinical trials based on studies conducted in cotton rats alone, without the need for an additional testing in primates.  

SBI is devoted to advancing the biomedical field through the study of pathogenesis of human infectious diseases in the cotton rat. Our scientists are actively involved in research and have produced over 50 peer-reviewed publications on the infectious agents and the cotton rat model.

SBI performs contract research for academic and commercial groups, centered around the use of the cotton rat for testing vaccines and therapeutics against infectious diseases. SBI staff has over 100 years of combined experience in the cotton rat model and has participated in cloning of over 300 cotton rat genes. More than 50 cotton rat reagents have been developed through collaborative effort. SBI is also committed to providing the scientific community with cotton rats for off-site research.
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